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Sign-Ups for February 2009!!
Multi by the water
kowaiyoukai wrote in bjts_monthlyfic
Hey, guys! It's time to sign up for February's round of fic challenges. If you're interested, please follow the guidelines for submitting your challenge as shown below.

Character or Pairing:

Please read the last mod post for an explanation of a few rule changes and how to submit a challenge, if you believe you need assistance or have some confusion.

As always, feel free to contact me for any reason! ^_^* Comments are screened for secrecy.

P.S. collectively asked if it was all right to re-post fics to other comms. As long as you post your fic to this comm first, you can post it anywhere else you'd like to. Pimping is good for the soul! XP Fake-cuts to personal LJs are allowed, too.


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