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collectively wrote in bjts_monthlyfic
Title: Dissolving
Author: collectively
Pairing: Batman/Joker
Wordcount: 690
Rating: Hard R/NC-17 for not-very-detailed sex
Disclaimer: All for fun, none for profit. All characters and settings belong to Warner Brothers and DC Comics and maybe some other people too.
Summary: “The Joker had broken him a long time ago.”

A/N: This is for the fic exchange for bjts_monthlyfic. My challenge, from siriuslyyellow– keywords: optical, fingernail, grace. Dialogue: “I wish we could do this a different way.” This is wildly different from my usual style, which is to say it’s short, not funny, and contains almost no dialogue. But, er, hopefully it’s not bad anyway. I wanted to write a Batman/Joker story that doesn’t really explain how they ended up together, and in which Bruce is, uh, really crazy. This is what came out.

Here at my journal.


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