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BJTS Monthly Fic

Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and Scarecrow Slash

TDK Slash Monthly Fic Challenge
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A monthly challenge fanfic comm for TDK slash between Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and/or Scarecrow
This is a community for fanfic authors who are looking for some inspiration. Obviously modeled after the Harry/Draco communities miettes_desmots (and anyotherknight for starting that comm) and hd_500 (and scarlet_malfoy for starting that comm), bjts_monthlyfic is a community where TDK slash fanfic authors can post one challenge a month and receive one challenge to complete in the same month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a fic challenge community, not a fic request community. The difference is that, when giving a challenge, you are not requesting someone to write a specific fic for you. Rather, you are issuing them a challenge to write a fic within your requirements by the end of the month. Just to clarify. ^_^*

The List of Fic Challenges may be of use to you in finding out which fics were written when, what the challenges were, or if you owe anything. Please contact me if you notice an error. Thanks!


The Rule Change and Explanation of Challenges explains all of the rules about challenges, both creating and fulfilling them, in detail. Please read it and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

- Challenges for fanfiction must be submitted in between the 1st and the 5th of each month. Challenges will be distributed on the 6th. Comments will be screened.

- Each author who makes a challenge for a month will be expected to write a fic for someone else's challenge during that same month.

- Completed fics should be posted to this community in between the 25th and the end of the month. Fake-cuts are allowed.

- Completed fics must be AT LEAST 500 words long. There's no maximum limit, though, and generally the longer the better!

- If you are unable to complete your fic within the month, please contact the mod as soon as possible. I might be able to find a pinch hitter for you, but if not, you'll be expected to put up your fic as soon as possible.

- If you don't submit the challenge you were given to write that month, you'll be unable to take part in another round of exchanges until you post the fic -- no matter how long that might be.

- Joining this comm doesn't mean you're expected to write or sumbit a challenge each month. You can choose whether or not you want to participate on a monthly basis.

- Each request will take the form of the following:


You'll be expected to fill in your own username, one pairing you want in the fic, three keywords that you'd like to be in the fic, and one line of dialogue you'd also like to see in that fic.

- When you post your completed fic, it should be under an lj-cut. The following template should come at the top of each post, before the lj-cut.

Word Count:
The Dark Knight belongs to Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan. Batman belongs to Bob Kane. No money was made from this work.
Beta Acknowledgment:

If your fic hasn't been beta read, you can leave out the beta acknowledgement section. However, although it's not required, it's highly encouraged that you get your fics beta'd before submitting them. The challenge section should state the recipient, keywords, and dialogue that you were given. For example, if you receive the following challenge:

Username: kowaiyoukai
Pairing: Joker/Scarecrow
Keywords: treehouse, chocolate milkshakes, gopher
Dialogue: "There's no way I'm eating that."

Then, your challenge section should appear like this:

Challenge: kowaiyoukai, Batman/Joker, treehouse, chocolate milkshakes, gopher, "There's no way I'm eating that."

- NO DRAMA. If you don't like the fic you received or if you have any problem at all, contact the moderator, kowaiyoukai. Any flaming or insulting language will get you banned.

The Pairings Rule:

- For the purposes of this comm, the only slash pairings we accept are Batman/Joker, Batman/Two-Face, Batman/Scarecrow, Joker/Two-Face, Joker/Scarecrow, and Two-Face/Scarecrow. What that means is simply this: the only pairings you can put in the "pairing" section of your challenge is one of those six. That does NOT mean other pairings won't come up in the fic. But this is the pairing the challenge is meant to focus on. So, if you need a side of Harvey/Rachel to add to your Batman/Joker, go for it--as long as the challenge is Batman/Joker. If the challenge was, say, Two-Face/Joker, you could potentially have Harvey/Rachel, Batman/Joker, and Two-Face/Joker in the fic--as long as the focus was on Two-Face/Joker. If you want the pairing in your challenge to be a threesome or a foursome, continue reading!

The Threesome and Foursome Rule:

- I've given this a lot of careful consideration. I figure most TDK slash fans would enjoy seeing a threesome or foursome of any combination of Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. HOWEVER, for the purposes of this comm, you have to remember that the focus is meant to be on one specific pairing. So, if you want your challenge to be focused on a threesome or foursome, that must be in the pairing section. HOWEVER, I would highly recommend you avoid this. The challenge can be difficult to fill as it is without the extra worry of how to put in a threesome or a foursome.

The "I Can't Write This!!" Rule:

- I'm allowing people to state one pairing they don't want to write. So, when you give in your first challenge, you're allowed to say one pairing that you will not write a challenge for. If one possible pairing out of the six freaks you out, put that down. Otherwise you might get it. Also, a person can say threesomes and foursomes instead of one pairing, since some people won't write more than two people together at once. You're allowed to change this pairing at any time, just by messaging me to let me know.

The "I Can ONLY Write This!!" Rule:

- If you can only write one pairing, you probably don't want to be here. However, you can ask in your challenge submission for a specific pairing, and if someone put it up, I'll give it to you. But if not, you'll get something else.

The Verse Rule:

- Okay, people. I am not going to eat your brain if you decide you absolutely must write a non-Nolan!verse fic. But, be aware that, if you decide to go outside of the Nolan!verse to fulfill your challenge, you MUST include that as a warning, as well as the relevant spoilers for that series. The only two movies currently in the Nolanverse are Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. You can include Gotham Knights if you'd like, that's fine with me. Also, it seems pretty obvious to mention here that the main reason most of you are here is for specifically Nolanverse slash fic. So, submitting a fic outside of that verse might mean that the person who submitted that challenge has never read/seen that verse, and they won't understand the world that fic is set in. My advice: keep it in the Nolanverse.

The Crossover Rule:

- No crossovers allowed. Sorry. But still no.

Why Did I Decide on Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and Scarecrow?

- So, you want to know why this doesn't focus on just one pairing. Or why this isn't all slash. Or why this isn't available to all pairings, slash and not. The answer is, I'm learning from past comms. I've found that focusing on one pairing can really limit the activity of people. Some people, no matter much they love one pairing, just don't want to keep on writing for the same pairing every month. And allowing all pairings means that a lot of people get pairings they just don't know what to do with, and they don't complete the challenge, and they never show up again. In order to avoid these pitfalls of monthly fic comms, I'm trying to include all of the major players in slash fanfic. In other words, this comm is just for people who like slash for these characters, so you know for sure what you're getting into, yet there's still enough room for variety that you might want to stick around to write other possible pairings. Myabe it will work. We shall see.

Examples of How Your Prompt Could Be Filled:
a.k.a. why it's not always a great idea to be too specific

So, you decide you want a certain kind of fic. One fic in particular that you've been dying to read, don't want to write, and decide to post up here so you'll read exactly what you want at the end of the month. Here's an example of one potential prompt that reflects this mindset:

Username: kowaiyoukai
Pairing: Batman/Joker
Keywords: hideout, fight, bruise
Dialogue: "You're off your game."

Here are five different fics that would fulfill these requirements:

The Obvious: Batman finds out where the Joker is staying. He goes to the hideout and fights the Joker. Batman notices the Joker is slower than usual and says, "You're off your game." They both end up bruised.
The Angsty: Batman's secret identity has been discovered. The cops start to fight him, but he escapes and goes into hiding. Joker finds his hideout and says, "You're off your game." Joker decides to help him, starting with healing his bruises.
The Comedy: Batman and Joker are both in secret normal people disguises, playing a round of cards. Joker has been winning a lot. Batman wins a round, says, "You're off your game." Another member of the game starts a fight with Joker, thinking he's cheating, and Batman steps in to punch the guy out, bruising his eye. Batman goes back to his hideout.
The Cheater: Batman and Joker are in the middle of a fight when Scarecrow drops in, poisoning Joker with his chemicals. Joker falls and Batman makes out with Scarecrow. Joker wakes up and punches Scarecrow in the face, leaving a bruise. Scarecrow says, "You're off your game." Scarecrow goes back to his hideout with Batman while Joker feels abandoned.
The Random: Joker is eating at a fast food restaurant when Batman swoops in to defeat him. Joker refuses to fight him, although Batman tries, and continues to eat. Batman slips and falls, banging his head against the table, and Joker says, "You're off your game." Joker laughs at Batman's bruise but decides to bring Batman back to his hideout to help him heal, anyway.

THE LESSON: If you go into a challenge expecting one certain type of fic by the end of the month, chances are likely you won't be happy with what you get. The best thing to do is to pick three random keywords and any line of dialogue that pops into your head, and leave it for the author to figure out what to do with the fic. Also, if you receive a challenge that you really have no idea what to do with, why not spy on the requester's page? Click on their username and see the kind of stuff they're into; it could give you some ideas about what to write. ^_^*


Feel free to leave a comment or message me if you need anything!


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