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Sign-Ups Closed, Challenges Given Out, Early March Sign-Ups Notice!!
Multi by the water
kowaiyoukai wrote in bjts_monthlyfic
Okay, guys! Sign-ups are now closed and challenges have been given out. If you did not get a challenge and you're sure you turned one in, please contact me ASAP.

Just FYI, even though this is a short month we're still doing posting in-between the 25th and end of the month. HOWEVER!! I'm going to a SPN con from March 6th-8th (HOMGYAY!!!!!!!) and so when I'll be opening sign-ups for March early, and closing them early. My goal is to open them probably around the 25th (just makes things easier) and close them on about the 3rd. That will give me enough time to give out the challenges and still prepare for the con. I'm sue you guys will forget by then, but here's a heads up anyway.

Good luck with your challenges! Remember, you can contact me any time for any reason. Just message me if you need to. Happy writing! ^_^*


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